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Painting and other finishes

Zanini Industries operates with highly automated plant which can carry out many special finishes, as well as painting in Body Colour and Single and Double layer. The plant’s adaptability means that objects of all dimensions may be treated.

Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is considered to be mature technology but one which is in continual evolution. Zanini Industries can take advantage of automated equipment for hot stamping with a roller and a conveyor belt feeding pieces continuously. Pneumatic arms to pick the pieces off the belt and orienting mean that the production cycles are optimised and the total automation of the process is guaranteed.

Silk printing

Decorations of the highest aesthetic level may be achieved with the stock of automatic silkscreen machines. The use of special inks in response to the automotive sector’s special conditions guarantees a long-lasting finish both inside and on the outside of the vehicles.

Pad printing

Use of the automatic equipment with several colours by qualified and motivated staff guarantees a unique quality and a complete response to the most specific requirements for details, even on particularly difficult surfaces.


Metallization plant are equipped with a visual interface for the operator and an automated work cycle so that efficiency and high productivity are maintained, in compliance with the environmental protection standards, thus guaranteeing an ecological process at a low temperature. The plant is provided with a “planetary system” for loading and unloading the plant, and carries out the metallization evenly, even on complex surfaces, guaranteeing a long-lasting decorative appearance as well as high durability for the treated surfaces.
This treatment is particularly suitable for obtaining very bright, perfectly reflective decorative objects, as it gives the surfaces a metallic appearance regardless of shape or geometry.

Ink-jet applications

Zanini Industries has increased its stock of machines to include the latest inkjet printing machines for a finish that can reproduce the most intricate details.


Automated resining plant guarantee an even and constant application of the protective resin, and offer a finish that is perfectly in line with the aesthetic requirements of the sector and responds to all the automotive sector’s special conditions for the inside and outside of the vehicles.

Cubic printing system

With the Cubic printing system, Zanini Industries can provide details with the most diverse finishing effects such as: burrs, carbon etc. This surface treatment is suitable for decorating three dimensional details and can guarantee an application which is without imperfections and has an appearance which is more or less identical to the effect of the original material.
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