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Digital Emblem

From the Zanini Industries point of view "Research and development" means not only to be a fast and reliable "problem solver" but also a promoter of new opportunities for the Customer's business.

Customization is becoming more and more a prerequisite market request in many industries: for this reason Zanini Industries has developed a brand new technology that represents the new frontier of personalization, enabling the realization of exclusively customized emblems.
This international patent is suitable for both one-to-one single pieces and mass personalization, for the interior and also exteriro applications: shapes, frames, colours and images can be designed for motor vehicles, household appliances, moblie phones, PC covers and more.
The new Digital Emblem technology enables final customers to create exclusive and unique personal emblems and offers Brands a wide range of differentiating opportunities, ranging from innovative marketing solutions to increased consumer experience and intimacy.

The emblems are made from the same high quality materials Zanini Industries utilizes producing highly aesthetic modules and components for primary car manufacturers, and have passed the same restrictive testing requested by the automotive sector.
The result is a personalized, highly resistant emblem that can't be damaged by rain, sun, snow, etc.
The selling channel can be the traditional one (Brands throught their own portals and/or retailers) but also end-to-ent: Zanini Industries is developing web and mobile phone applications enabling final customer's personalization by simply browsing on the web, choosing a shape and uploading an image.

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