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Chromium plating

With the chromium plating process, the most precious details can be made the most of in harmony with the aesthetics and elegance of the vehicle, enhancing its style.

With an avant-garde plant which is totally automated and equipped with a working time setting, Zanini Industries is able to carry out finishes of up to three layers of nickel which comply with the automobile sector’s very strict specifications.

The adaptability of the plant, which has tanks measuring 2.30m x 2.00m, means that products with the maximum dimensions of 1200x1700mm can be chromium plated, with a potential for192,000 sqm/year of chromium plated surfaces.

Regular laboratory testing of the galvanic baths together with regular maintenance programmes enable the plant to function correctly and constantly as well as protecting the environment.

The experience gained in the sector as well as the careful and continuous training of the staff produces know how and skills that are aimed at offering the Customer products of high profile value.
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