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Zanini Industries was founded in 1927, the year in which its founder, Giuseppe Zanini Snr., launched the prestigious "Ancora" brand of fountain pens. In 1948 the Company activities expanded into the domestic electrical appliances and hi-fi sector with the designing and production of technical-decorative manufactured goods in thermoplastic material, which is still the Company’s core business today.

At the end of the Seventies, Zanini Industries faced a new turn of events by focussing its production on the Automotive sector, being confident of its consolidated flair for the aesthetic quality of the product as well as advanced technological knowledge of plastic components.

Eighty continuous years of development have strengthened Zanini Industries’ culture of service efficacy, production efficiency and attention to technical/aesthetic details, which have confirmed the validity of the Company’s entrepreneurial approach over time: since the Company was founded, the Zanini family has retained ownership and management of the Group.

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